Swale Heating agrees multi-million-pound logistics deal with Wolseley UK

1 March 2013

Shaking on the deal - Swale Heating's Graeme Fotheringham (left) with Grant Richardson of Wolseley UK

Swale Heating, the largest independent heating installer in the South East, has signed a multi-million-pound outsourcing deal with Wolseley UK.

Under the deal, Wolseley UK takes over responsibility for all of Swale Heating's logistics and warehousing functions at the heating company's Sittingbourne, Kent head office.

Previously, Wolseley UK was one of three main suppliers to Swale Heating but it has now become the sole supplier, enabling Swale Heating to make a six figure saving on its annual procurement budget.

Swale Heating has transferred around a dozen staff and its fleet of delivery vehicles to Wolseley UK, together with a large supply of stock and its warehousing facilities.

Graeme Fotheringham, Swale Heating's General Manager, said: “Wolseley UK is the best in the business when it comes to the supply and distribution of heating products. By entering into this partnership, it allows us to concentrate on what we are best at - the installation and maintenance of heating systems for customers across the South East.

“This contract is a win-win for everyone. We enjoy considerable cost-savings on our procurement and logistics operations, while tapping into an unrivalled nationwide supply network. Wolseley has secured additional business with us, while our customers will see improvements in the already highly-efficient supply and distribution of parts.”

Wolseley UK is the UK operating company of Wolseley plc, the world's number one distributor of heating and plumbing products and a leading supplier of builders' products to the professional market.

Grant Richardson, Trading Director Integrated Services & New Channel Development Director, Wolseley UK said: “This deal marks another exciting milestone in Integrated Services' development and we are delighted to reach an agreement with Swale Heating.

“Since its launch in 2002, Integrated Services has helped hundreds of organisations, including local authorities, large residential housing estates, hospitals, schools and supermarket chains cut construction costs through smarter and more efficient procurement. Our partnership with Swale Heating will ensure that the customer receives the best possible service, the ultimate goal of any business.”

Swale Heating has been installing and maintaining heating systems for both domestic and corporate clients for four decades, gaining a reputation for excellence among domestic heating customers in 100,000 homes, as well as over 35 housing associations and local authorities across Kent, outer London, Sussex, Essex and East Anglia.

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